After weeks of physical therapy on “Mo’s” lower back pain, we had only seen slow and steady but undramatic changes. We were doing pretty traditional treatments: exercise, traction, lumbar spine joint mobilizations. All good treatments. I do them everyday and get good results.

However, one day “Mo” come in for treatment and something different happened. That day when I put my hands on “Mo’s” low back to do a pelvic floor release, emotion started to well up in her voice. She apologized and tried to push it aside. Having been trained in a CranioSacral Therapy technique called SomatoEmotional Release, I recognized this as “Mo’s” body trying heal in a not-so-traditional way.

As I worked on her physical ailment and held a safe space in the treatment room, “Mo” was able to explore verbally and emotionally some early childhood trauma. In that SomatoEmotional Release treatment she was able to process emotion she had no capacity for as a child. She was able to release emotion from that trauma that she had been holding in her body — her back specifically — for decades!

After another handful of sessions like this and “Mo’s” back pain started showing more dramatic results. She was able to exercise in the pool. She was able to bend over with ease and even returned to yoga. Now she is back to her happy, active life and feeling great again!

Trinity PT