As a health care consumer, 

Have you ever felt like you were falling through the cracks?

Unfortunately, there are many cracks in the current health care system.

⭐️ Maybe you were diagnosed with something like Fibromyalgia or long COVID and then didn’t know what to do about it. 

✨Maybe you had several tests to try and sort through your symptoms but didn’t find satisfactory answers.  (Our current system is really good at testing and diagnosing but unless you want to take a pharmaceutical, the options for treatment are bleak.)

🌟 Or maybe you don’t even have an actual diagnosis.

I see people everyday without a known diagnosis . They just feel bad in one way or another. They are sick and tired. They just want to feel better. 

They WANT to make a change and don’t know how. 

We have more control over our health than you think. 

Our current health care culture is extremely fear based. We are taught to fear what our bodies say to us. We are forced to believe that all the bad things that can happen to our bodies are completely outside our control and that we must rely on a pill or a test to fix us.

This culture is the also the perfect set up for taking the responsibility off of our own choices.

It’s disempowering.

Overwhelm is understandable 

  It is an easy state to be in with so much conflicting information out there. Have you ever asked yourself why there seems to be so many situations with two equally compelling arguments?

I can tell you why…

Because there isn’t just one answer. 

 We are all different and unique. Addressing the same “diagnosis” the same way in different people doesn’t always work.

I hear a lot about standardizing care and decreasing variability among providers and treatment.  And I can’t help but reject those ideas.

Do you want a treatment because it’s the standard way that helps a statistically significant (whatever that means) amount of people more.  Or do you want the treatment that works best for you?

 Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying those standard treatments are wrong. They just may not be the only thing or even the right thing in ALL cases.

Not only are we, as consumers, living in fear based culture. But providers are also living a fear based culture.

Healthcare providers are put in situations everyday where they are regulated and forced into productivity standards that require decisions that aren’t solely based on the client’s best interest.  Is what’s best for hospital or facility always what’s best for the client?

We have created this system that requires all of the providers in it to follow the program.  

Unfortunately we are at the peak of this pendulum swing toward regulation and standardization and away from individuality, creativity and connection.

Not to mention the CYA attitude that litigation has brought to the forefront.  You better believe many decisions in healthcare are based on a fear of retribution. I know I ask myself, is fear the energy I want my provider making their decisions based off of?

Healthcare is a science.  Absolutely! We couldn’t be living as long as we live with the quality of life we have without it.

And it is also an art.

 Art takes time and genuine effort and creativity. It requires listening and being open to all options, even ones that don’t fit in the standardized box. The art of health care is about knowing the generalities but also appreciating the individualities. It is knowing that there are grey areas that we don’t quite understand. It’s honoring individual choice and trusting intuition.

In the end, it is not your provider’s responsibility to make your decisions for you (despite the conditioning we are taught). It is your responsibility to make the decisions that feel right for you.

Which then requires all of us to allow others to do the same without judgement.  What’s right for you, may be (and probably is) different than someone else.

In the end it’s a choice. Are you going to turn over your power to someone else to make the decision for you? Or will you take back your power and  decide to make new choices?

Do you truly want something to change? Or will you continue making the same choices and expect a different result?

If you are suffering from pain, there are many options. It’s a matter of finding the right one for you. I would love to explore those options with you.  Click below to schedule an appointment.

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