What is ReTensioning®?

ReTensioning® is a hands on technique that treats the forces that result in a strain of a joint or joint surface.

ReTensioning® is a special way to help our bodies move and feel better.

ReTensioning® is a holistic physical therapy approach for helping our bodies move better and work well. It’s a method that looks at how our brains, bodies, and muscles all work together. The idea is to show your body how to truly rest so that it can be fully active when you need it to be. 

How ReTensioning® Works

The therapist who does ReTensioning® performs the technique by gently moving the affected joint and then places it where it can fully rest. This position is held for a period of time so your nervous system can discover what it is like to fully rest the affected joint.

Frotunately, the effects of ReTensioning® show up quickly, and last a long time. Most people sense the differences immediately and continue to improve over the next several days.

After this unique treatment, you can rest well when you need to rest and move easily when you want to move.

ReTensioning® doesn’t just make your body move better; it also helps other treatments work even better. 

So, in simple words, ReTensioning® is a unique way to make your body work better by finding the right balance between rest and activity, making it easier for you to move and feel great.

ReTensioning® Success Story

Meet Andrea. A long time patient of John Macy.

When you can move better and breath better and stand better and sleep better, LIFE Is BETTER. John Macy gets results, that’s the bottom line!

A former massage therapist who refers many of her clients to John Macy, PT.

Meet John Macy, PT

John has taught workshops in movement reeducation and manual therapy techniques across the United States and in Europe and is the creator of ReTensioning®.

Since 1980 John has received extensive training in techniques for improving alignment, soft tissue dysfunction and neurological control including the Alexander Technique, Muscle Energy, CranioSacral Therapy, NDT, Strain-Counterstrain, Postural Restoration®, Tai Chi, Yoga, and Pilates. This broad experience working across the country in hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, home health services and outpatient clinics. 

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