How easy to sit in the energy of…

 “I am really good at what I do?”

I don’t mean the ego’s perspective of falsely build yourself up to cover an insecurity. But truly feeling the authenticity of that statement, 

“I am really at good

at what I do.”

Do you believe it?

I don’t mean exclaim to the world…


  • “I’m so great and I need to make you feel less-than.” or
  • “Because I am threatened by you, I need to build myself up.”

But honestly saying and feeling the truth of…

“I am really at good at what I do!”

It took me a long time to sit in this authentically, despite evidence to the contrary.  I can honestly say now, and know wholeheartedly, that I am really good at what I do!

I guarantee you are really good at what you’re passionate about.  

Sometimes our negative self talk and old stories stand in the way of that. Those stories may repeat what we’ve been told, or told ourselves, and they make us play small.

Or maybe your “really good at” is buried under pain or lost in defense mechanism.  If that’s the case,

There is an excellent chance your body knows and is trying to communicate with you.

Since I am really good at what I do, I would love to use my skills to help you uncover yours. My work is more than simply teaching squats and bridges or stretching a hamstring.

Teaching mindful movement practices, like yoga and using my hands as tools to bring awareness to the body to release stored emotion or break up a unhelpful movement patterns are just a few strategies I use to help clients uncover what’s buried under pain and dysfunction.

There is nothing more satisfying to a healer (& mother) than seeing those you care for thrive and overcome. My passion is seeing that awakening in people.  Seeing them overcome the pain or barrier in their life.

I am so grateful I have the opportunity to hold the space to allow this process and give it the necessary nudges.  That’s what I am good at. 

That is why I can OWN that statement. 

That is why I show up everyday. That’s my why. 

What’s your why?

What’s your passion?

What are YOU really good at?

I’d love to hear about it OR help you uncover it.

Trinity PT