Eastern vs. Western…. which one is best?

I am a licensed physical therapist

trained to look at evidence.  I understand and value the importance of research and looking though the lens of hard science.  I see my Medical Doctor annually. I use discernment but do most medically recommended preventative screenings.

I also…

⭐️ See an herbalist for general wellness

✨ Have regular chiropractic care 

🌟 Receive monthly Massages

⭐️ Have a dedicated Yoga practice

✨ Practice daily meditation

🌟 Receive CranioSacral Therapy at least once a month.

There are many Eastern medicine treatments that may not have modern medical evidence but are extremely valuable.

AND Yes, there is frequently an internal conflict within me about which one is right.  Should I take that ibuprofen or treat the headache with rest, self massage, a heating pad and try an herbal remedy? 

So far I have managed not to require a daily prescription like blood pressure or cholesterol medications.  But if I wasn’t able to manage either with diet or exercises would I start on that daily prescription? I’m not sure. I definitely recognize the gift of modern medical treatments but I also think we can rush into the quick fix.

Even in my physical therapy practice, I see the value of both.

There is good research out there that supports many strategies that we use in the physical therapy clinic. But then what do we do if none of those work?  And after over 20 years of experience, I have learned that is often the case.

What happens to…

 the client with chronic pain that has tried all the traditional, research evident methods and none of them worked?  Or even the one that doesn’t want to take pharmaceuticals… what are their options?

The answer is different for everyone.  And usually can be a combination of tradition and alternative strategies.  Just how much the pendulum swings to which side is dependent on the individual.

Luckily, (for you) I have experience in both realms and I love to approach any ailment or injury from a multi-pronged approach.

Maybe for you it is an individualized exercise program.  Or maybe you need some soft tissue work that just isn’t addressed with chiropractic or massage therapy. There are many options, it’s a matter of finding the right one for you. I would love to explore those options with you.  Click below to schedule an appointment.

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