“My BUTT is Awesome!”

I saw this painted in pink on the back window of a car one day. It caught my attention. I was zoned out as I was driving and it brought me back to the present moment.

I know you may be scrolling your emails or the internet but….

YOUR Butt is Awesome!

Are you back to the present moment? I bet that statement made you think of your butt. And thinking about your butt brings you OUT of whatever zone you are lost in and brings you IN to your physical body.

While I have your attention…

~What are you tuning out from? ~

~Why are you scrolling? ~

~ Have you ever asked why ~ 

I know some of my “whys” for scrolling…

~ I want a break from a morning/afternoon/day of repetition, thinking or giving.

~ I am looking for a few minutes of mindlessness

~ I am curious about how people in my Social Media circle are judging themselves and others.  In other words, I’m looking for an open invitation to be self critical. Or better yet, project that criticism on others in an effort to make me feel better about myself.

The problem is, I do the scrolling in search of that mindless relief but I don’t find it.  Usually I start to feel tense or restless to keep scrolling and scrolling in search of some out-of-reach, feel-good sensation. I may get a laugh or feel a small sense of outrage or empathy over another’s plight.  Rarely do I find the relief that I am looking for.

But that quick jolt to the present moment did give me relief.


The one we want to jump over to get to the next moment, the next thing on the list, the next point in our mental analysis of whatever.

But that is what helps. The pause. The awareness of the present moment.

That’s where the power is.

In a culture riddled with power struggles, isn’t that sense of true POWER something special?

One of the many reasons I love the practice of yoga is it allows for the pauses.  It is a beautiful experience to see what happens during the pause.  

To me, yoga is the perfect mix of tapping into that deeper sense of self AND tuning into the physical body. Teaching this to all the beautiful souls that have come to my classes over the years has been such a privilege. 

If you are ready to stop scrolling and find YOUR true power,  join us in a class.  

Register Here. 

The awesomeness of your butt will then be completely irrelevent. 😉

Trinity PT